Pursuant to § 15.16(c) of S.L. 2011-145, as amended by § 39 of S.L. 2011-391, and § 18A.4 of S.L. 2013-360, IDS is releasing RFPs seeking contract offers to provide effective and efficient legal services to persons who are determined by the state courts to be entitled to appointed counsel at state expense. 

IDS previously issued a preliminary RFP so that interested parties, including potential contractors, judges, clerks, and district attorneys, would have an opportunity to ask questions or raise issues about how contracts will impact the court system in their district. Answers to the questions received by IDS are available here. Please review these for clarification regarding the RFP(s) posted above.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the IDS Contract Administrator, Mario T. Richardson.

Mario T. Richardson, MPA
IDS Contract Administrator
Office of Indigent Defense Services
123 West Main St., Suite 400
Durham, N.C. 27701


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